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Dentistry is a team-oriented profession and the team include you as the patient. Only together as a team, we can accomplish optimum oral health for our patients. We will listen to our patients to understand their needs and will work to educate them so that they can take an active role in their treatment and their home care prevention. As dental professionals, we believe that the greatest impact that we have on our patients' oral health is through education and empowerment, and that is a commitment that we make to our patientsAside from quality treatments, our practice is also multilingual! Our team speaks a variety of languages other than English, including Tagalog, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hindi, Farsi, Urdu, Mandarin, and Cantonese. 


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Edmonton Millwoods Dentistry - Millbourne Mall Dental Clinic 

Dr. Quinn Pham, DDS, BSc.


My name is Dr. Quinn Pham but you can call me Dr. Quinn or simply Quinn. I graduated from the University of Alberta Faculty of Dentistry in 2001 after receiving my Bachelor of Science in Physiology in 1997. Time flies when you have fun, it's hard to believe that I have been practicing dentistry now for almost two decades. While each day presents its own set of unique joys and challenges, but for me the greatest rewards are intangible. The joy of changing a person’s life by giving him or her a beautiful smile cannot be measured. The satisfaction of restoring a person’s dentition so he or she can enjoy food again is worth more than gold. The opportunity to relieve pain and suffering is a rare privilege.

Being born and raised in Vietnam I, just like most of people there, had very limited access to dental care. My first real introduction to the dentistry didn’t happen until I was 12 year old, all because of an soccer accident that fractured my front tooth. That summer I spent countless hours in dental chair with some major dental works. It was a long process but in the end it was hard to put into words how happy and appreciative I was for the dentist and the profession once I saw my front tooth again. They say things happen for a reason. Suffering a broken front tooth was probably the most painful and traumatizing thing that has ever happened to me, but that experience proved to be the major influence to my later career choice decision.

After graduation I was fortunate to find an associateship in a large dental practice in Stony Plain where I received the guidance from some very experienced mentors such as Dr. Rick Czyz and Dr. Ronald Turner. Over my 8 years working there I had oppotunities to hone my skills and to provide a wide range of general dental services such as orthodontics, dental implant & surgery, dentures, root canal, cosmetic dentistry, gum surgery...
In 2009 I moved back to Edmonton and became a principal owner of the Millbourne Mall Dental Clinic where I had to take a bigger role by providing mentorship for younger associates and also had the opportunity to meet and provide services to people from various social and cultural backgrounds.

Growing in up in part of world where dental care is more of a privilege rather than norm, I can see why there is a need to make dentistry accessible and affordable to everyone. I believe that the most cost effective dentistry is Preventative Dentistry and that the greatest impact that dental professionals have on their patients is through education and empowerment.

 One aspect of dentistry that I treasure the most is the relationships built with families, and as my career progresses, I hope to see grow many generations. With that vision in mind, when building the new Savannah Dental Clinic in 2018, our focus was to have a general dental practice that focuses on families and being part of the community. I have combined thousands of hours of education, some of the most amazing technology and staff under one roof to offer what I believe is the best experience for our patients.

I love what I do and do what I love. So, keeping up with new trends, techniques and cutting-edge technology is as much a joy as it is an obligation. I always look for ways to better myself and better ways to do things and that I believe will result in better treatment outcomes and services to our patients. Outside of  dentistry, I enjoy culinary experimentation, variety of sports such as soccer, hockey, snowboarding, golf...and spending time with my wife and 2 young daughters.

I look forward to see you and your family who entrust your smile and your health to myself and our team at both of our clinics - Millbourne Mall Dental & Savannah Dental.

​South Edmonton Dentist - Dr. Quinn Pham 

Dr. Anshuman Modi, DDS, BDS.


Dr. Anshuman Modi received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree in 2011 from BJS Dental College - India. After graduation, he has worked as a dentist owner and successfully run his own clinic for more than 10 years before he decided to move to Canada along with his family. Dr. Modi brings together his compassionate nature and dental skills when treating her patients. He feels immense satisfaction on seeing her patients being relieved of pain. His accommodating nature, understanding, and patience put his patients at ease. When Dr. Modi is not working in the clinic, he enjoys spending time with his children and wife.

Learn more about Dr. Modi at Millbourne Mall Dental in Edmonton.


Dental Hygienist

Renee was originally from Toronto where she completed her Dental Hygiene diploma with distinction in 2013. Upon graduation, Renee moved to Manitoba and practiced there for 5 years there before coming to Edmonton.

If the thought of a dental cleaning puts you off of a visit to the dentist, come see Renee. She’s gentle, caring, and brings her sunny disposition into every appointment. Personable and yet professional, Renee loves working with people and she like to spend time with her patients to get to know them on a personal level. Her smile and nurturing attitude are sure to change your mind about dental hygiene forever.

In her spare time, she enjoys staying in shape and feeling healthy with regular workout and nutritional regimens. She also loves to read and travel.


Dental Hygienist

Jessica was born and raised in Edmonton and completed her Dental Hygiene Bachelor Degree at the University of Bristish Columbia (UBC) in 2014.  She is also certified for the administration of local anaesthetic to ensure comfort for her patients. As a dental hygienist, Jessica is a strong believer that Preventative Care and Education are the key to optimal dental health. Aside from helping her patients by cleaning their teeth, Jessica likes to spend extra time teaching them how to brush and floss,  as well as educating them about newest dental products to improve their oral health. Being very meticulous and love to work with her hand, Jessica has always been passionate about dental hygiene and loves the relationship that she is able to create and build with patients. When she is not working, Jessica spends her time volunteer at the Edmonton Humane Society. She also enjoys travelling, reading, hiking and trying out different restaurants and cuisines.

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